Monitoring and predicting protein formulation stability

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00:00:00 Zetasizer Nano Applications
00:00:08 Outline
00:00:25 Light Scattering
00:00:47 Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)
00:00:58 Electrophoretic Light Scattering (ELS)
00:01:15 What’s In An Expiration Date?
00:01:34 Formulation Time Trials
00:01:48 Emulsion Shelf Life
00:01:56 Protein Stability
00:02:15 Z Average & Quality Control
00:02:30 Formulation Stability - Steric Effects
00:02:41 Formulation Stability - Electrostatics
00:02:57 Zeta Potential
00:03:13 Factors Influencing The Zeta Potential
00:03:23 pH Effects
00:03:42 Salt Effects
00:04:01 Additive Effects
00:04:14 Zeta Potential - Shelf Life Correlation
00:04:29 Monitoring & Predicting Stability
00:05:01 Using TM As A Stability Predictor
00:05:20 Protein TM And Shelf Life Correlation
00:05:31 Blood Substitute Stability
00:05:41 Zetasizer Technical Specifications
00:05:56 Why Malvern Instruments?
The Zetasizer Nano measures size using dynamic light scattering to monitor time dependent aggregation of protein formulations, and zeta potential to characterize surface properties, that can be linked with stability and shelf life