Mastering Molecular weight measurements with the ZS nano

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00:00:00 Mastering Molecular Weight Measurements With The Zetasizer Nano System
00:00:55 Malvern Instruments Mastering Molecular Weight Measurements With The Zetasizer Nano System From Lab To Line
00:02:31 Seminar Outline
00:04:13 Zetasizer Nano System
00:05:26 Zetasizer Nano Technologies
00:06:19 Light Scattering Return
00:07:22 Common Light Scattering Applications
00:09:03 Light – Matter Interactions
00:11:00 Intensity vs. Time
00:11:52 Average Scattering Intensity
00:13:32 Angle Dependent Scattering
00:14:31 Classical MW Measurements
00:15:19 Debye Limit
00:16:06 Summary & Dilemma
00:16:37 %Error In The Molecular Weight
00:17:24 Rg Dependence
00:18:14 What is Rg?
00:18:57 Lysozyme - Comparison Of Radii
00:19:56 DH Dependence
00:20:05 What is Rg?
00:20:28 DH Dependence
00:21:55 System Comparison
00:22:59 Debye Plot – Globular Proteins
00:24:10 Debye Plot - Random Coil Polymers
00:24:45 What Is MW?
00:25:47 The 2nd Virial Coefficient (A2)
00:27:07 Second Virial Coefficient (A2)?
00:29:34 Using A2 As A Stability Predictor
00:30:59 A2 and Crystallization Success Rate
00:32:26 A2 Crystallization Window
00:33:33 Extending The Rayleigh Limit?
00:36:31 Experimental Procedures
00:38:56 Is My Sample Suitable For SLS?
00:41:13 Is My Analyte Suitable For SLS?
00:42:18 Solvents, Dispersants, & Diluents
00:43:24 What Is dñ/dC?
00:45:47 How Important Is dñ/dC?
00:47:05 How Robust Is dñ/dC?
00:50:32 Tips – Solvent & Reference
00:55:16 What About Sample Concentration?
00:57:21 Can I Estimate Concentration?
00:59:42 Tips – Sample Prep & Measurement
01:01:38 What About Dust?
01:02:53 How Do I Recognize Good Data?
01:05:06 Data Quality Limits
01:07:10 Debye Plot Calculator
01:09:18 Do I Have To Use Toluene?
01:09:55 Zetasizer MW Specifications
01:11:18 Thank You
01:12:42 Contact information
The Zetasizer Nano software integrates a Debye plot to simplify the measurement of molecular weight. However the biggest source of error is always in sample preparation and handling. This presentation provides training for these measurements