Dynamic imaging of biotherapeutic suspensions

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00:00:00 Dynamic imaging of biotherapeutic suspensions
00:01:37 Subvisible Particles in Biotherapeutic Suspensions
00:01:42 Outline
00:03:21 The Need for New Measurement Technology
00:05:31 Size Exlusion Chromatography
00:07:55 Dynamic Light Scattering Measurements
00:08:52 Imaging Measurements
00:10:24 Particles in the Microns Range…
00:11:35 Dynamic Imaging with the FPIA-3000
00:11:35 FPIA-3000
00:12:10 The Unique Challenge of Protein Aggregates
00:14:22 Purpose of the Sheath Flow –in Pictures
00:17:51 Image Quality
00:19:55 Why Use Sheath Flow?
00:20:35 Dynamic Imaging: Advantages and Limitations
00:23:11 Example 1: Commercial Suspensions
00:24:37 Effect of the Method of Injection on Count
00:27:55 Morphology as an Identification Tool
00:28:36 Morphology as an Identification Tool
00:30:11 Discriminating Power
00:31:34 Discriminating Power
00:33:25 Morphology… if you can see the particle!
00:36:19 Example 2: Investigating the Stability of Suspensions
00:38:28 What Types of Particles Are Formed?
00:40:08 Measuring High-Concentration Suspensions
00:41:15 Protein Particulates or Not?
00:42:44 Dynamic imaging of BSA +Urea
00:43:38 Example 3: Static Imaging + Chemical Identification
00:45:58 Looking Similar Doesn’t Mean They Are the Same…
00:47:44 Example of Particle and Chemical Signature
00:48:11 Conclusions
00:50:32 Strategies to Increase Particle Detection and Identify
00:53:00 Contact information
00:58:24 Contact Information
This webinar discusses some of the reasons why the use of dynamic imaging grew rapidly in small molecule pharmaceutical laboratories and the parameters which must be considered in the selection of a dynamic imaging method.