A new SEC detector for proteins: The Zetasizer µV

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00:00:00 A new SEC detector for proteins – The Zetasizer µV
00:01:15 A new SEC detector for proteins – The Zetasizer µV
00:01:58 Outline
00:02:42 Dynamic Light Scattering – Particle Size
00:06:19 Static Light Scattering – Molecular Weight
00:08:09 Combined size and molecular weight measurements in a single instrument
00:08:42 Zetasizer µV features & specs
00:09:37 Zetasizer µV as a SEC detector (SEC-LS)
00:11:41 Zetasizer μV optical setup
00:13:21 OmniFACE and OmniSEC
00:14:36 Zetasizer μV for batch and SEC measurements
00:16:29 Batch DLS applications
00:19:01 Effect of Storage Conditions
00:23:01 Ligand binding
00:25:10 Zetasizer µV SEC-LS applications
00:27:09 SEC-LS measurements
00:28:30 Correlograms
00:30:07 BSA chromatogram
00:31:49 Trypsin Inhibitor
00:32:39 BSA in batch and flow
00:33:52 Beta-lactoglobulin
00:35:20 Beta-lactoglobulin
00:37:33 Summary
00:38:30 Thanks for listening Any questions?
00:40:28 Contact Information
The Zetasizer μV, an established batch DLS instrument, can now be used as an SEC detector to yield molecular weight and hydrodynamic radius for any SEC experiment. The theory of operation and connection to a system will be described