A SAXS and DLS comparison of the NIST gold sol standards

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00:00:00 A SAXS and DLS comparison of the NIST gold sol standards
00:01:53 The NIST Au colloid nanomaterial, RM 8011: a DLS and SAXS comparative study of the particle size distribution
00:03:25 Overview
00:04:08 Abstract
00:05:25 The wonder of science
00:05:54 NIST Nano-Gold Reference Materials (RMs)
00:07:12 Methods Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)
00:08:47 Methods Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering (SAXS)
00:11:10 Multi-purpose X-ray Diffraction Platform
00:11:47 When can we observe a SAXS signal
00:12:34 SAXS - The most versatile nano-analytical tool
00:13:40 Experimental Setup
00:14:57 Experimental Setup
00:16:10 Sample Preparation
00:17:09 The big, expensive route! HZB SAXS set-up at PTB-FCM beam-line
00:18:01 Sample A - RM8011
00:19:27 Malvern PCS data – an untypical lab.
00:20:33 The raw data - correlogram
00:21:31 The correlograms for the (3) Au colloids RM 8011/8012/8013
00:22:43 SAXS at the PTB FCM beam-line RM 8011
00:23:20 DLS and SAXS Summary
00:25:52 Interpretation
00:27:51 Thank you!
00:37:00 Contact Information
This presentation will explore the measurement of the NIST Gold colloidal standards (RM 8011 and RM 8013) using the complementary techniques of Dynamic Light Scattering, using the Zetasizer Nano, and SAXS