Small angle X-ray scattering on a multi-purpose XRD platform

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Small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) is one of the most versatile techniques for nanostructure analysis. Modern X-ray diffractometer platforms can offer pragmatic and economical solutions for the acquisition of high quality SAXS data. In this webinar we will give a more in-depth introduction to SAXS: options for instrument configuration, the importance of good sample preparation, measurement strategies, as well as pointers on primary data handling and data analysis. Furthermore it will be demonstrated that the SAXS measurements can easily be extended to the higher angles in the WAXS region, to yield complementary structural information. Several application examples dealing with the characterization of nanopowders, colloidal dispersions, mesoporous materials, polymer nanocomposites, surfactant systems and related samples will be given.


Joerg Bolze - Product Manager Nanomaterials, PANalytical