Achieving Smarter Particle Sizing

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00:00:00 Smarter Particle Sizing : Making laser diffraction an 'Open access' technique in your lab
00:01:35 Smarter particle sizing
00:02:13 Smarter particle sizing
00:03:53 Evolution of laser diffraction
00:05:52 The new Mastersizer 3000 at a glance
00:07:16 Wet or dry: a solution for every application
00:08:14 Instrument ease of use
00:08:55 Ease of Use
00:10:57 Ease of Use: swapping from wet to dry
00:11:43 MS3000 - Changing measurement cells
00:12:34 Ease of Use: cleaning the cell windows
00:13:13 Cleaning cell windows
00:14:08 Modular venturis for flexibility
00:15:33 Modular sample trays to optimise sample feed
00:16:40 Improving the measurement process
00:17:09 Ease of Use – Instant feedback
00:18:13 Wet method development
00:18:17 wet dispersion version 2 software no DQ
00:22:04 Dry method development
00:22:50 dry pressure titration short
00:25:41 Dry method development
00:26:27 Use custom calculations to compare wet/dry
00:28:12 Assessing data quality
00:28:34 Assessing measurement data quality
00:29:34 General data quality rules
00:31:29 Selecting measurement concentration
00:32:25 concentration test
00:34:34 Add data quality checks to reports
00:35:07 Review MS2000 results to aid method transfer
00:35:40 MS2000 comparison
00:36:31 Conclusions
00:38:27 Contact Information
00:42:25 Wet or dry: a solution for every application
00:46:54 Contact Information
In this webinar we explore some of the tools Malvern have developed in the Mastersizer 3000 that address the need for a tool that can be used by operators with varying skill levels, yet still deliver robust and reliable particle size measurements.