How and where do I find source material in light scattering?

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00:00:00 Untitled
00:01:29 Abstract
00:02:27 Let’s start with a real example
00:03:08 676,000 results…..
00:04:00 First hit 1.619… is it reasonable? (Robustness)
00:05:18 An aside…
00:05:51 Surfing further down on the first page…
00:06:59 Click on the GoogleBooks link….
00:09:11 Surf further
00:09:55 We know Gary Nichols too! Pfizer…
00:11:08 The journey can continue….
00:12:03 FreeFullPdf
00:13:25 So what?
00:14:44 OK – basic sources
00:15:58 This takes you to…
00:17:04 Books
00:18:38 We continue to learn…
00:20:07 Maxwell’s Silver Hammer?
00:21:12 Computer programs
00:22:06 Back to books….
00:23:36 Henk Merkus (Professor, University of Delft)
00:24:22 And a very recent 2014 addition…
00:25:33 The DLS and biochemistry texts are ramping up
00:26:21 And there’s more…
00:26:41 Allows you to dig deeper
00:27:37 And yet another splendid book
00:28:03 Not forgetting..
00:28:59 Conference proceedings
00:29:43 International Conferences
00:31:19 Modern advances
00:33:02 T-Matrix and JQSRT
00:33:24 And don’t forget…
00:35:16 Lists of standards…
00:36:18 Book chapter
00:36:47 The Malvern website…..
00:37:25 A lot of webinars on optical properties
00:37:51 Oh…and there’s more…
00:38:35 FAQ
00:39:07 The Malvern Link
00:40:00 Acknowledgement
00:40:16 Rent in twainϠ
00:40:27 Thank you!
00:41:21 Contact Information
We are often asked for for first-hand source material relating to light scattering. This webinar will indicate some of the texts and where they can be located. The Malvern website is often a convenient first place to seek information.