Demo at your desk: Zetasizer falfkanf

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00:00:00 Demo at your desk
00:01:22 Demo at your desk: Zetasizer
00:01:33 Dynamic light scattering
00:01:46 Benefits Of Sizing By DLS
00:04:43 Dynamic Light Scattering(Particle Size)
00:06:23 Intensity Fluctuations, Correlation and Size Distributions
00:09:53 Zetasizer software
00:10:00 Demo
00:10:00 Applications: Zetasizer Family
00:10:43 DLS Summary
00:12:22 Electrophoretic light scattering
00:12:33 Zeta Potential
00:16:17 Zeta Potential
00:17:31 Schematic of Stabilization Mechanisms
00:18:55 Zetasizer software
00:19:05 Demo
00:19:05 Example Measurement Cells Capillary & Dip Cells
00:19:34 Diffusion barrier technique
00:21:22 Formulated Products - Applications
00:22:44 Zeta Potential Summary
00:23:41 Thank You
00:23:51 Thank you for your attentionAny questions?
00:30:06 Contact Information
This online demo is designed to provide you with a virtual hands-on introduction to the Zetasizer Nano. You will be able to take a look at the Zetasizer Nano and some of its accessories via webcam. We will screen-share the software with you so that you can follow the measurement process live. The scattering signal from our “transfer standard”, both in manual and SOP mode, can be shown with this sample, and it is suitable for repeatable zeta as well as size measurements . Integrated data quality report features give you direct and immediate feedback on the suitability of your measurements and the stability of your results.