Polymer Testing with a Laboratory X-ray Diffractometer

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00:00:00 Polymer testing with a laboratory X-ray diffractometer
00:01:12 Poll Question
00:01:12 Polymer testing with a laboratory X-ray diffractometer
00:03:30 Poll Answers
00:03:30 Polymer testing with a laboratory X-ray diffractometer
00:03:58 About Malvern Panalytical
00:05:21 Untitled
00:06:15 X-ray technologies
00:06:47 X-ray technologies
00:07:07 Outline
00:07:55 Phase identification
00:08:01 Phase identification
00:08:32 Degree of crystallinity
00:08:36 Degree of crystallinity
00:09:34 Orientation analysis
00:09:40 Qualitative analysis of orientation
00:10:46 Qualitative analysis of orientation
00:11:25 Quantitative analysis of orientation
00:13:28 PVDF fibers
00:14:41 Liquid crystalline (LC) foils
00:15:29 In situ tensile testing
00:16:10 Polyethylene (PE) foil
00:17:03 PPTA fibers
00:18:22 Liquid Crystal Elastomer (LCE)
00:20:26 Comparison of the responses
00:21:45 In situ thermal testing
00:21:52 Isotactic α-polypropylene (α-iPP)
00:22:53 Isotactic α-polypropylene (α-iPP)
00:23:22 3D Non-destructive testing (NDT)
00:23:33 NDT: Computed Tomography (CT)
00:24:18 PC reinforced with GF
00:25:29 Carbon Fiber Tube
00:27:47 Aerogel
00:28:31 Aerated Concrete
00:29:36 Aerated Concrete
00:30:05 Halogen lamp
00:31:08 Sample overview
00:31:26 Conclusion: Empyrean Nano Edition
00:31:57 Video
00:31:57 Acknowledgments
00:33:05 Question & Answer SessionUse the Q & A icon and type your question.If listening on demand send your questions to: events@malvernpanalytical.comThank you for attending
Are you interested in quality control of your polymer production? Are you doing structural characterization of new materials? Are you working with granulates, foils, fibers or 3D-printed solid objects? Watch this webinar to discover the answers to these questions and more.