Laser Diffraction Masterclass 3 – Configuring the Optical Model for your Material

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00:00:00 Laser Diffraction Masterclass 3: Configuring the Optical Model for Your Material
00:02:06 The laser diffraction masterclass 2019
00:03:24 Overview of Masterclass 3
00:04:25 What does laser diffraction measure
00:05:38 What does the optical model do?
00:07:37 How do we use the optical model?
00:09:44 What optical model should I use?
00:13:06 Mie theory
00:13:21 Mie theory
00:13:53 Fraunhofer approximation
00:14:11 What difference can the optical model make?
00:15:16 How can the software help?
00:16:35 What optical properties do I need to use?
00:17:54 Absorption or imaginary refractive index
00:19:20 How can I find the refractive index for my material?
00:20:57 Refractometer solution method
00:22:26 Microscopy methods
00:23:46 Microscopy methods
00:25:11 Verifying the optical properties
00:25:46 Verifying the optical properties
00:26:51 Inspecting the data fit
00:27:23 Inspecting the data fit
00:28:25 Examples
00:28:33 Example 1: Assessing the data fit
00:29:16 Example 1: Assessing the data fit
00:30:25 Example 1: Assessing the data fit
00:31:08 Example 1: Assessing the data fit
00:32:15 Example 2: Pigments
00:33:02 Example 2: Pigments
00:33:15 Video Demonstration
00:33:15 Example 2: Pigments
00:34:08 Example 3: Mixed materials
00:35:27 Example 3: Mixed materials
00:36:08 Example 3: Mixed materials
00:36:44 Example 3: Mixed materials
00:37:53 Overview of Masterclass 3
00:38:33 Q&A
00:50:48 Contact information

Choosing the right optical model and optical properties to use in your laser diffraction measurements can appear to be a difficult task, especially when you are looking at unknown or mixed materials. In this webinar we will describe the available optical models and their recommended applications. We will also describe some experimental and empirical techniques available for optical property determination, and how these techniques can be applied to real measurements to generate realistic results.

A third installment of our popular masterclass series. Learn from the experts.


Anne Virden Ph.D. - Technical Supervisor Laser Diffraction 

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Who should attend?
Anyone who is new to particle sizing or laser diffraction 
Anyone interested in how results are calculated for a laser diffraction measurement
Anyone who is setting up laser diffraction methods for new materials

Why attend?
To learn about the optical models used in laser diffraction measurements
To find out how to set up the optical properties for your samples
To learn how to asses laser diffraction data and optical models