Immunotherapy discovery & development

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Immunotherapy is a powerful tool in the targeted treatment of a wide range of disease pathologies and the number of immunotherapy drugs in the discovery pipeline continues to grow. Immunotherapy approaches include switching off or restoring balance to aberrant immune responses (such as those seen in autoimmune disease or allergy) or switching on beneficial immune responses (such as those that can drive tumor cell clearance).

The acceleration of immunotherapy drug development requires advanced analytical platforms to test the efficacy of the drug substances and understand their modes of action. In vivo success does not always translate to man, and such models are often not compatible with biologics designed for use in humans. As such, sophisticated in vitro models that recapitulate in vivo processes are indispensable. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the key players targeted in immunotherapy and explain how these cells and processes can be assessed in vitro. We’ll also consider approaches for selecting the most appropriate assay for your requirements and your target of interest.

In addition to showcasing innovative in vitro assays for immunotherapeutic drug discovery, this webinar will also summarize the current challenges, considerations, and emerging areas within the field.

There will also be a live Q+A session where you’ll be able to put your questions to our expert, Dr Justyna Rzepecka.


  • Dr Justyna Rzepecka - Principal Scientist

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Who should attend?

  • Pharmaceutical scientists working on immunotherapy drug discovery

What will you learn?

  • Understand the key target cells for immunotherapy
  • Discover how in vitro assays can be used to model in vivo immune responses
  • Learn how to select the most appropriate assay for your drug target of interest
  • Hear about current challenges and emerging areas in immunotherapy drug discovery