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This application study was designed to demonstrate the performance of the Epsilon 5 EDXRF spectrometer and to show that the instrument meets the analytical challenge of analyzing Fe, Cu, Ni, As, Cd and Pb in edible oils. The long term stability and precision of the instrument is also demonstrated.. The refining processes for products such as edible oils require the addition of catalysts in the correct proportions to optimize the processing reactions. These catalysts also contain elements such as Ni and Fe that must be removed from the oils during the later stages of the refining process. .

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Detection limits for typical medium-power wavelengthdispersive spectrometers (WDXRF) configured for geological applications are illustrated in this application note.. A series of soil and rock standards were used to calibrate the application. The soil samples were analyzed in the form of pressed powder pellets.

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Proceedings of ASD and IEEE GRS; Art, Science and Applications of Reflectance Spectroscopy Symposium, Vol. III, 6pp, Boulder, CO

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This application study demonstrates the performance of the Epsilon 5 EDXRF analyzer according to the EPA method IO-3.3, with the elemental range extended from 44 to 55 elements.. The presence of toxic pollutants in the air has been a subject of research for many years. The measurement of the elemental composition of the particulate matter is a key factor in understanding the long-term health effects of pollution. .

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A single point calibration line is set up for each element using fundamental parameter calculations and concentrations are derived from the measured intensities. To demonstrate the performance of Auto Quantify, certified reference materials were analyzed.. Comprising one measurement program, Auto Quantify covers all elements from Na to U and quantitative results can be obtained for a wide variety of sample types. .

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