Zetium - NiFeCo-FP - analysis of steels, high-temperature alloys and super alloys

The challenges of analyzing a large variety of alloying elements with wide ranges of concentrations by XRF are well known to the metals industry. The Metals edition of the Zetium spectrometer with NiFeCo-FP is the solution to these challenges. The power and flexibility of PANalytical’s FP matrix correction algorithm is used to provide a single program for wide-range alloys analysis.

Special steels, high-temperature alloys and super alloys are used in a wide variety of high-performance components needing characteristics such as durability, hardness, temperature stability and corrosion resistance. They are used extensively in the manufacture of products like aero-engines, turbines, tools and grinding equipment.

The production of high-specification steels requires process and quality control with very tight tolerances. XRF spectrometry, capable of producing fast, accurate and very precise chemical analyses, is one of the principal methods for production control. 


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