The 1Der for operando XRD measurements

This data sheet shows how the Empyrean X-ray diffractometer with 1Der strip detector is successfully employed to measure crystalline phase changes during battery cycling. The Empyrean equipped with hard radiation and the 1Der detector offers you a versatile approach to crystallographic measurements in battery research and production.

The operando (operating) technique enables real-time X-ray diffraction (XRD) characterization of the crystalline phases in battery electrodes. The structural evolution of phases can be tracked during the charge-discharge cycling of the battery. The ion-exchange reaction can be studied under varying operating conditions for a deeper understanding of battery performance, stability and lifetime.
Pouch cells are often used in battery technology research and are increasingly being used for integration into e.g. automotive applications, due to the benefits of cheap and versatile production. Pouch cells can be fabricated with varying thicknesses, sizes and shapes. Used cells are easy to store and recycle.
On the Empyrean XRD system, pouch cells are easy to study in transmission geometry and their flat, often rectangular shape also allows for mapping of measurements at different positions across the battery cell. The 1Der detector is a truly versatile option for this set up, enabling operando battery measurements alongside other more conventional experiments.


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