Surfactant micelle characterization using dynamic light scattering

Dynamic Light Scattering is an ideal method for studying micelles as it is a non-invasive technique, and can be used to study size, CMC and aggregation number. NIBS (non-invasive back scatter) technology enables characterization with little or no sample preparation combining high sensitivity with expanded concentration range. 

Examples of surfactant micelle sizes (diameters) are presented: Triton X-100 at 7.5nm, Tween-20 at 8.5nm, Tween-80 at 11.7nm, Nonidet P40 at 15.4nm. The polydispersity depends on surfactant chemistry, and critical micelle concentration cmc is also specific to pH, buffer, temperature and even surfactant concentration itself. Dynamic light scattering is an ideal technique for the characterization of surfactant micelles. The results reported here illustrate the application of DLS in the study of various aspects of micelle characterization.


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