Bragg-BrentanoHD - A new powder diffraction standard for high-quality data


With the introduction of Bragg-BrentanoHD, PANalytical again sets a new standard for recording high-speed, high-quality powder diffraction data, with the following key features:

1. Excellent monochromatization of the radiation from the X-ray source, with the following benefits:

  • Higher intensities than with the commonly used divergence slits and beta filters
  • A smooth, featureless background profile along the full 2θ range without the usual artifacts of the 1D Bragg-Brentano setup, allowing reliable identification of trace phases, and less chance of misinterpretation by inexperienced users
  • Improved detection limits, leading to better quantification of trace phases and/ or amorphous components
  • Better low-angle performance
  • Minimal excitation of fluorescent radiation from the sample

2. Extends the range of applications of the powder diffractometer without the need for additional modules

  • Analysis of thin films by grazing incidence diffraction and X-ray reflectivity
  • Nanoparticle size, shape, and size distribution analysis by small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS)
  • Micro-spot analysis

3. Compatible with all PANalytical’s multipurpose powder diffractometers, both on new systems and already installed ones

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