PDF measurements with GaliPIX3D

Approaching synchrotron quality PDF data in your lab

In this data sheet we compare PDF data obtained at a synchrotron with data obtained on a laboratory system, the PANalytical Empyrean. The data quality obtained with the Empyrean is comparable with that from the synchrotron. The obtained refined structural values are in good agreement within the standard deviations.

Recent years have shown an increased interest in the study of nanocrystalline materials due to their specific properties for application in e.g. semiconductors, pharmaceuticals and polymers. Structural information about these materials is present as broad, not well-defined features in a diffractogram. Analysis of nanomaterials and amorphous phases therefore requires a total scattering approach, including both Bragg peaks and diffuse scattering.

PDF poster

For additional information we also would like to offer you the following poster which describes the use of atomic pair distribution function (PDF) and X-ray scattering methods to assess the stability of amorphous organic compounds:  


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