Analysis of FeCr alloys as fused beads using the Zetium XRF spectrometer

This study demonstrates that Zetium is capable of providing accurate results for the analysis of FeCr alloys prepared using the fused bead method. Compared to classic analytical methods, XRF offers a competitive advantage with short throughput time, making Zetium highly suitable in process control environments, especially in combination with a fusion sample preparation machine.

Ferrochrome is the most widely used ferroalloy. It is a very common practice to determine the chemistry of ferroalloys by ‘wet chemistry methods’. However, this technique involves high labor costs and it requires long sample preparation and analysis time. X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy is an excellent alternative technique, offering easy routine sample preparation and high throughput. However, the analysis of pressed pellets and loose powders presents imitations in precision, due to severe metallurgical as well as particle size effects. To overcome these problems, PANalytical has developed a method to analyze ferroalloys as fused beads, eliminating in this way metallurgical and particle size effects.


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