Combine unparalleled accuracy and repeatability with heightened productivity: FORJ Tray Loader and NWA Injector Options

In the fast-paced world of sample preparation, efficiency and reliability are paramount. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce two groundbreaking options for the FORJ fusion instrument: the Tray Loader and the Non-Wetting Agent (NWA) Injector. Together, these options elevate productivity, streamline operations, and ensure consistent, high-quality results.

FORJ Tray Loader: Boosting Productivity by 25%

Our FORJ Tray Loader option is a game-changer for laboratories seeking to maximize productivity without compromising on space or efficiency. Compact yet powerful, the Tray Loader can accommodate up to 12 samples at a time, allowing fusion cycles to commence even in the absence of an operator. Paired with platinum ware detection capabilities via camera, the Tray Loader ensures seamless operation and precise sample handling every time.

FORJ NWA Injector: Enhancing Reliability and Consistency

In addition to the Tray Loader, the FORJ offers the Non-Wetting Agent (NWA) Injector option – the most reliable of its kind worldwide. Designed to prevent the fusion mixture from sticking to platinumware and causing disk breakages, the NWA Injector enables precise injection of halide NWA pills into the fusion mixture. By delivering consistent quantities of NWA for each fusion cycle, the injector eliminates human error, reduces operator time, and ensures repeatable results.

Seamless Integration for Maximum Efficiency

What sets FORJ apart is its seamless integration of options, allowing for simultaneous operation and enhanced workflow efficiency. The NWA Injector seamlessly integrates with the Tray Loader, enabling the loading of pills for 2 x 6 samples in a single operation. This streamlined process ensures timely delivery of NWA pills for each fusion cycle, further optimizing productivity and reliability.

Experience FORJ in Action

To witness the transformative capabilities of FORJ, we invite you to watch our demonstration video. This video provides a comprehensive overview of FORJ in operation, showcasing the Tray Loader, platinum ware detection via camera, and NWA Injector options. With step-by-step explanations of the fusion process, you’ll gain insights into how FORJ can revolutionize your sample preparation workflow.

We aim to empower laboratories with innovative solutions that drive efficiency, reliability, and quality. With the Tray Loader and NWA Injector options, we’re proud to continue delivering on that promise. Experience the future of fusion instrumentation with FORJ today.