NIST calibration standards

For Archimedes Micro and Nano sensors

Two types of calibration standards are available for use in Archimedes. These standards are monodisperse and each contains NIST latex microspheres of a particular size and density. Each standard is supplied pre-mixed to the correct concentration for immediate use with Archimedes.

    • NIST standards.

    • Supplied pre-mixed to the correct concentration in a vial which is attached directly to Archimedes for immediate use.

    • Guidance for fast and simple calibration provided by ParticleLab software.

    • Two calibration standards, for Hi-Q Micro and Nano sensors.


How it works

When a new sensor is installed in Archimedes, a calibration exercise should be performed to check and optimize the sensor. Pre-mixed calibration standards of NIST, monodisperse latex microspheres are provided to carry out calibration, which is led by ParticleLab software. Standards are supplied for direct use without dilution or aliquoting.


Calibrant 1: Hi-Q Micro sensor calibrant

    • Standard type: Duke 4010A

    • Mean Size: 1.034µm

    • Density: 1.050g/cc

    • Target concentration: 9.0 x 106 particles/ml

    • Volume: 20ml

Calibrant 2: Hi-Q Nano sensor calibrant

    • Standard type: Duke 3520A

    • Mean Size: 0.519µm

    • Density: 1.050g/cc

    • Target concentration: 2.0 x 108 particles/ml

    • Volume: 20ml