We offer a wide range of consumable products as part of our range of integrated solutions to improve your laboratories productivity. These consumables are for the routine operation of our instruments and include; sample preparation by fusion (fluxes, chemicals and platinum labware), reference materials and standards, sample cells and cuvettes and chromatography columns.

Fluxes and Chemicals

Claisse provides a wide range of homogeneous lithium borate fluxes. Offered in two grades of purity and available with or without non-wetting agents, they optimize your fusion method and avoid damages to your platinumware.

New! Granular flux available! Click here for more information

Platinum and Labware

Claisse platinum molds and crucibles are made of 95% platinum alloyed with 5% gold.  They are available in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses to help you obtain the best analytical results. Zirconium and nickel labware is also offered for peroxide fusion.

Sample Cells and Cuvettes

A wide range of cells are available for size, zeta potential and molecular weight measurement. These extend the applications that can be addressed to low volumes, higher concentration, non-aqueous dispersants and solvents.

Chromatography columns 

A wide range of columns for analytical GPC/SEC of synthetic and natural polymers and proteins.