Standardless analysis of all types of samples

Omnian enables users to achieve the best possible analysis when dedicated methods or certified standards do not exist. A trendsetting standardless analysis package, Omnian incorporates state-of-the-art software and setup samples that transcend technologies. Available for Epsilon 1, Epsilon 4 and Zetium spectrometers, Omnian delivers fast and reliable results regardless of sample type or matrix.

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A unique and comprehensive standardless analysis package

Omnian is a combination of advanced software and setup samples. Every Omnian installation is achieved by the measurement of the setup standards. These well chosen materials are designed for even the most challenging of matrices. Made from pure starting materials the setup standards are used to fine-tune Omnian software to the spectrometer subtleties while incorporating spectral elements features that overcome the limitations of other semi-quantitative strategies. Omnian software includes advanced 3rd generation FP model algorithms and it is the union of these two features which make the core difference. The result is a method that can be used for all sample types whether they are liquids, powders or solids providing robust and accurate elemental analysis. 

Examining all spectra features for better interpretation

When installed Omnian is configured to match and fully interpret all spectrometer data. An optimal analytical program consisting of scans is generated providing enhanced flexibility. When used with the Zetium spectrometer, Omnian can generate reliable results within 2 minutes using the Fast Scan mode. This strategy combines the time saving strategy of specific elemental peak measurement while using accurate background calculations which can only be generated by a scan strategy. Also if desired the scan based program can be augmented with specific channels if higher precision for trace elemental analysis is required. 

Enhanced data treatment

Omnian includes advanced algorithms designed to profile known limitations inherent to XRF. For example, Omnian results will only include elements which have been detected and determined to be significant. Also upon examination Omnian automatically employs a strategy to overcome spectral interference. Whenever advantageous possible interference free lines will be chosen and corrections will be automatically applied. Omnian also includes a full suite of advanced matrix corrections, for example variable sample thickness compensation. Also, the Dark Matrix correction provides better accuracy in cases where light elements such as C, H and O contribute to significant absorbance (e.g. sulfur in oil). Fluorescent Volume Geometry (FVG) is another advanced matrix correction for spectral contributions where heavy elements are measured in light matrices (e.g. heavy metals in polymers). 

For highly valued analysis

Designed for use in the 'black box' mode Omnian has become a highly valued analysis package across all industries. As it is common for most analysts to encounter foreign/unfamiliar samples Omnian has proved useful for a wide variety of applications including quantitative analysis, rapid screening, R&D analysis, failure analysis and comparative analysis. With an intuitive user interface, experienced users can easily achieve better results approaching those of dedicated calibrated methods by choosing one of the many provided strategy options. One example is the fine-tuning capability of Adaptive Sample Characterization (ASC), where the addition and measurement of a similar standard(s) can produce accurate results that far exceed standardless or semi-quantitative package experience. 

Easy to use and integrate

Omnian is designed for use by all. A simple user interface provides an intuitive platform for analysis, data retrieval and spectral viewing. Results are easily compared, printed and imported into Microsoft Word format for report generation and or transferred to LIMS. 

User documentation

Our Quick Start Guides help you get up and running easily with Omnian software.

Download the Omnian Quick Start Guide for Epsilon 1

Download the Omnian Quick Start Guide for Epsilon 4