Two sensors are available for use with Archimedes: the Hi-Q Micro and Nano sensors, which allow different sample volumes and are capable of detecting particles of different sizes and masses.

The Micro and Nano sensors are an integral part of Archimedes, providing a microfluidic channel embedded in a micro-cantilever, through which the sample to be measured is passed.

  • MEMS-fabricated sensors.
  • Micro and Nano versions available.
  • Robust: average general-use lifetime is at least 2 months per sensor.
  • Simple to use.
  • Simple to clean.
  • Completely reusable.
  • Intuitive and clear installation process.
  • Easy, fast alignment of sensor in instrument.
  • Fast, NIST-traceable calibration.
  • Excellent reproducibility of results.

Archimedes Hi-Q Nano and Micro sensors are the platform upon which resonant mass measurement is performed. Each sensor contains a microfluidics network, via which sample is flowed by Archimedes, and a micro-cantilever structure containing an embedded microfluidics channel.
As Archimedes pushes sample through this channel, the resonant frequency of the cantilever alters. This shift in the frequency of resonance is measured by a laser, focused on the tip of the cantilever, which is then transmitted to a split photodiode detector.

Each particle which passes through the sensor causes an excursion in the resonant frequency, giving an accurate and precise measurement of the particle’s buoyant mass – whether positive or negative - in the sample. From this measurement, the mass, size (equivalent sphere), and surface area (equivalent sphere) of the particle are calculated. Overall measurements are also made of sample concentration, viscosity, density, volume, and polydispersity.

The Nano sensor has a microfluidics channel size of 2µm x 2µm, and an upper particle size limit of ≤2µm diameter. The Micro sensor has a microfluidics channel size of 8µm x 8µm and an upper particle size limit of <8µm.

ParticleLab software enables and directs simple and rapid removal and replacement of sensors, and intuitive calibration once installed.

Sensor type 1: Hi-Q Micro Sensor

Measurement range:
104 particles/mL- 2x107 particles/mL.
Measurement principle:
Resonant Mass Measurement.
Minimum sample volume:
Microfluidics channel size: (W x H):
8µm x 8µm.
Particle size upper limit:
<8µm diameter
Lower Limit of Detection:

Sensor type 2: Hi-Q Nano Sensor

Measurement range:
3x105 particles/mL- 1x109 particles/mL.
Measurement principle:
Resonant mass measurement.
Minimum sample volume:
Microfluidics channel size: (W x H):
2µm x 2µm.
Particle size upper limit:
Lower limit of mass detection: