This instrument leads to high performance and productivity in the laboratory since its two fusion positions can work independently (synchronous or asynchronous mode) and because it guarantees reproducibility as well as optimized fusion conditions. Its molds and crucibles holders are made of superior quality ceramic to ensure the lowest contamination.

The interlocked doors eliminate the contact with hot materials and surfaces for an enhanced security and a total cold-to-cold operation.

The Claisse Eagon 2 instrument has a one-touch operation feature and a wide range of predefined fusion methods that make it really easy to operate in the laboratory.

It has distinguishing features that allow a quick return on investment (ROI) such as casting dish sensors that prevent damage related to pouring without the molds in place.

Features and benefits

High performance

Optimized fusion conditions for all materials concerning:

• temperature setting

• duration

• oxidation steps

• mixing and cooling


• Fully automatic operation ensures perfect repetition of fusion cycle

• Furnace technique offers thermal equilibrium of platinum ware and sample during full cycle


• Platinum ware friendly furnace technology 

• Minimum damaging temperature gradients

Minimum infrastructure required

• Only simple electrical connection

• No flammable gas costs or regulatory issues

• The optional exhaust adapter limits the infrastructural requirements

Ultimate safety  

• ‘Cold-to-cold’ operation

• Operator is protected from hot material and surfaces by interlocked doors.

Simplicity of use  

• Push-button operation

• Pre-defined fusion method library

• Customizable fusion method definition

• Crucible and mould holders easily dismounted for cleaning

• The automation option allows for integration of the Eagon  2  into fully automated sample preparation systems

Key applications

The Claisse Eagon 2 can process a wide range of samples, including:

  • Mining and geological samples
  • Bauxites, alumina
  • Chromites, cobaltite, dolomite, ilmenite, rutile, molybdenite
  • Rare earth elements
  • Potash, phosphates, fertilizers
  • Cements, lime, limestone, carbonate, clay
  • Catalysts, zeolites
  • Cosmetic, pharmaceutical and environmental samples
  • Sulfides, fluorides
  • Hematite, magnetite, iron ores
  • Refractories, silica, silicates, glass, ceramics
  • Coal, ashes
  • Steel, ferroalloys, slags
  • Pure metals, non-ferrous alloys, silicon carbides
  • Polymers, pigmnets, synthetic rubbers


Electrical:Voltage: 220-230 V
Current: 32 A
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Dimensions:56.5 x 68.5 x 64.5 cm (22.2 x 27 x 25.4 in.)
Weight:78 kg (172 lb.)