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Claisse LeNeo

Keeping ahead through Claisse expertise in fusion

Claisse LeNeo fusion instrument prepares glass disks for XRF as well as borate and peroxide solutions for AA analysis and ICP analysis. It is a single position electrical instrument.

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The fact that this fusion instrument allows the easy loading of crucibles, molds and beakers, that it has over ten preset fusion programs and that is ready to use right of the box without any training makes it really easy to use. LeNeo fusion instrument is also known to enhance security for the operator since its safety door automatically locks to protect him against heat. The fully automated pouring avoids the manipulation of hot vessels.
Claisse LeNeo fusion instrument helps obtaining superior analytical performances as well as accurate and precise results. Its programmable fusion parameters ensure high fusion success rate.


Fluxes and chemicals

Fusion monitor

Quick and error-free proactive monitoring for your fusion instruments
Fusion monitor

Pre-weighed fluxes

Have you ever thought about the amount of time you spend weighing flux?
Pre-weighed fluxes

Molds & crucibles

Molds and crucibles

Our platinum labware is made of 95 % platinum alloyed with 5 % gold
Molds and crucibles

Precious scrap metal policy

Selling your precious metal scrap can have a significant impact on your profits
Precious scrap metal policy

Consistency, quality and ease of use are the words that come to mind to describe the products offered by Claisse 

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