Increased Productivity

This high technological instrument has six fusion positions and can prepare many types of samples during a single operation cycle. It can perform more than one task at the same time and manipulate many crucibles simultaneously. Each sample can also be associated to a different weighing and fusion program. The Claisse rFusion station operates without any supervision and allows the technicians to do other tasks in the laboratory.

Better Results

Using the Claisse rFusion automated station minimizes human fatigue and distractions often occurring while performing repetitive tasks. It eliminates weighing errors. It is also known to be highly preciseaccurate and repeatable, thus favoring good analytical results.

The Claisse rFusion modular system is equipped with a sample tracking module that ensures the traceability of all the fusion steps. It processes your samples in a specific order to meet your priorities. Easy and safe to use, it can progressively be upgraded module by module to fulfill your specific needs. All these characteristics make this automated modular system unique on the market.

Other Benefits of Using the Claisse rFusion Modular System:

  • Quick and efficient start-up in less than three weeks
  • Easy maintenance
  • Standard power requirements
  • No need for O2 or water cooling installations