Mastersizer 3000 Chocosizer

Effective Chocolate production quality control

The goal of chocolate production is to produce a product with a consistent taste and mouthfeel in an economical and efficient way. Control of the cocoa and milk solids particle size and particle size distribution is critical to achieving this objective. The Mastersizer 3000 Chocosizer is designed to support chocolate production and quality control by providing a simple method for fast, reliable chocolate particle size analysis.

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The Mastersizer 3000 Chocosizer kit enables the development of a simple, optimized workflow for the measurement of chocolate cocoa and milk solids particle size distributions, providing all of the components required to support the implementation of good chocolate QC methods.

  • Achieve routine, reproducible particle size analysis of chocolate samples
  • Develop a simple measurement workflow for support of QC operations
  • Easily detect oversized particles which impact product perception
  • Efficiently track particle size changes during chocolate processing

How it works

The Mastersizer 3000 Chocosizer kit provides for fast, reliable chocolate particle size analysis as part of routine process and quality control. It includes all the components required for chocolate sample preparation, including:

  • Dispersant flasks and pumps for supplying the correct volume of dispersant for sample preparation and measurement;
  • A sonication probe for pre-dispersion of chocolate samples prior to measurement;

A measurement guide is also provided which describes the typical measurement workflow for chocolate particle size measurements and provides the Mastersizer 3000 method settings required to achieve reproducible measurements.

Once a chocolate sample is pre-dispersed using the Chocosizer external sonication probe, it is added to the Hydro SM or Hydro MV sample dispersion unit for measurement. These ensure that a representative, dispersed sample is delivered to the Mastersizer range of laser diffraction particle size analysis systems. These dispersion units provide a high level of chemical compatibility, enabling measurements to be carried out in a range of organic dispersants which are appropriate for chocolate measurements, including Sunflower Oil, Volasil, Isopar G and Paraffin.


Measurement size range

Hydro MV: 0.01 - 1500 µm †*

Hydro SM: 0.01 – 600 µm † *

Maximum sample volume 120ml
Measurement time

1-2 minutes for chocolate pre-dispersion

Less than 60 sec for particle size measurement †

Power Supply

Hydro MV / Hydro SM power supplied via the Mastersizer optical unit

Ultrasound unit requires 100/240 v, 50/60 Hz



† Sample dependent.

* Size ranges relate to measurements using the Mastersizer 3000. The Mastersizer 3000E with Extended Software measures from 0.1 – 1000 µm.