Hydro SV

Small volume wet sample dispersion

The Hydro SV is a simple, cost effective liquid dispersion unit designed to enable particle size analysis using small volumes of sample and dispersant.

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The Hydro SV is a small volume wet sample dispersion unit for use with the Mastersizer 3000 range of laser diffraction particle size analyzers. It is particularly useful where the amount of sample available for analysis is very limited, or where there are significant environmental or health and safety issues associated with the use of the dispersant required to measure the sample.

  • 6ml - 7ml sample volume
  • Safe and easy sample introduction
  • High chemical compatibility
  • Software controlled magnetic stirrer for dispersion control
  • Sample and dispersant retained for recovery or disposal
  • Wash station for quick and easy cleaning

How it works

Wet sample dispersion

The Hydro SV uses an aqueous or solvent-based liquid dispersant to disperse the sample during a laser diffraction particle size measurement. The wetting of the particle surfaces by the dispersant lowers the particle surface energy, reducing the forces of attraction between touching particles. This allows them to be separated and go into suspension. For dispersants with high surface tension, such as water, the addition of a small amount of surfactant can significantly improve the wetting behavior and subsequent particle dispersion.

Sample suspension

In order to help dispersion and keep the sample suspended and homogenized during particle size measurements, it is continuously agitated using a variable speed magnetic stirrer. This ensures a representative sample is presented to the laser diffraction measurement zone within the Hydro SV sample cuvette. The upper size limit of particles that can be suspended by the Hydro SV stirrer will depend upon the density and shape of the particles as well as the viscosity of the dispersant.

Easy cleaning

The Hydro SV is provided with a wash station accessory which facilitates easy rinsing and cleaning of the measurement cuvette in between measurements.


Stirrer speed

0 rpm and 500 - 1800 rpm ††

Stirrer speed resolution +/- 10 rpm
Stirrer speed accuracy +/- 50 rpm
Sonication power & frequency N/A
Minimum sample volume 5.6mL
Maximum sample volume 7mL
Materials in contact with the dispersant, additives and sample
316 stainless steel
Borosilicate glass
PTFE (magnetic stirrer bar only)
Chemically compatible epoxy resin
Maximum particle size 200 microns †
Minimum time between measurements less than 60 sec †
Dimensions 110mm x 280mm x 210mm (LxWxH)
Mass 3.05kg
Power Supply Supplied via the optical unit
Power consumption

Standby Mode: 2W

Nominal during operation: 5W


Notes † Sample and dispersant dependent
†† Dispersant dependent