This single syringe pump module is recommended for all measurements where statistically robust data are a must. It allows for the flow-controlled detection of the fluorescent signal from fluorescently-labeled particles. The NTA software automatically compensates for flow in the sample so only the Brownian motion of the particles is used for size data.

  • Flow detection of fluorescent signal reduces effect of photo photobleaching.
  • Improved sampling for the highest quality size-distribution data
  • Improved data repeatability
  • Recommended for analysis of low concentration samples

How it works

The NanoSight syringe pump applies continuous pressure to the plunger of a syringe to give a smooth flow of sample therefore removing the pulse effect seen with peristaltic pumps. The pressure is controlled from within the NTA software.


Minimum sample volume:
Dimensions (W, D, H):
180mm x 90mm x 110mm
12-30V DC