D23 Inline eductor (4mm)

In-line disperser for fine particle processes.

The D23 disperser dilutes and disperses material drawn from the process, simultaneously directing it towards the measurement zone of the IPP 70 probe. It ensures robust and accurate sizing for particles with a Dv50 in the range 50 to 1200 µm, making it especially useful for direct measurement within fluidized beds.

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Easily slotted into a Parsum probe the D23 in-line eductor has a 4 mm aperture for sample flow and incorporates a ring disperser for optimal dispersion and thinning performance. A back flush function prevents material build-up even for powders prone to adherence.

  • Back flush function to prevent build-up for long-term trouble-free operation.
  • Dual air supply to ensure efficient dispersion of fine particles.

How it works

The D23 disperser incorporates a ring nozzle with dedicated air supply to draw particles into the disperser and accelerate them towards the measurement zone. A separate air supply is used to thin or dilute the sample to an appropriate measurement concentration. In combination these features ensure that sample is continuously presented at the measurement zone in a suitably dispersed and diluted state, for accurate measurement. In addition, air is used to curtain the optics and keep them free of particle build–up ensuring trouble-free operation over the long term.


Disperser with ring injector, diluter and back flush function.

4mm opening with external and internal air connection.


Pulsation Yes (external air only).
Particle size 50 to 2000µm
Dv(50) 50 to 1200µm
% Fines in product High
Applications Fluidized Beds with very small particles or fines.
Air flow l/min Internal 20, external 3 (Recommended).
Measurement opening 4mm.

Operating environment

Temperature -10°C – 100°C
Humidity 35% - 80% non-condensing