Laser micrometer apparatus to provide extrudate diameter measurement close to die exit.

  • Single axis die swell option suitable for most applications, which measures the extrudate diameter in a fixed direction which is radial with respect to the die axis.
  • Dual axis die swell option also available to measure the extrudate diameter using two pairs of laser micrometers which are aligned with their axes of measurement perpendicular to each other.
  • Standard or high resolution laser micrometer options.
  • Swing arm mount used to enable convenient rheometer operation when the die swell accessory is not in use.
  • Self-aligning and height adjustable mounting.
  • Direct interface with the Rosand control software and die swell readings stored as part of the measurement data file.
  • Die swell data can be plotted as a function of shear rate and the die L/D ratio.
  • Die swell accessories are compatible with extrudate cutting options (Melt Cutter or Die Cutter).

The laser die swell accessory provides a direct measurement of sample elasticity during the extrusion process by measuring the thickness of the extrudate close to the die exit and along a normal axis.

The die swell apparatus comprises a laser scanning gauge, which is mounted on a swing arm to allow positioning in the extrudate path below the die exit, or can be moved out of the way when not in use.

The system is self-aligning on the rheometer, and also includes heat shield and full interface electronics with the Rosand rheometer unit. 

If you are unsure as to specifying an appropriate die swell accessory for your sample type or measurement application, please contact Malvern for further advice and/or a sample test and evaluation report.

Single axis die swell option:
Direct measurement of extrudate diameter along a single normal axis.
Dual axis die swell option:
Direct measurement of extrudate diameter along two perpendicular normal axes.
10µm (standard). 1µm (high resolution).