Fecha registrada: June 18 2020

Over our series of XRD related webinars, you've seen the data quality of our latest compact X-ray diffractometer, Aeris, and how it rivals the performance even of other floorstanding XRD in the market. In this session, our application specialist, Dr Nicholas Norberg, operates the Aeris benchtop from our supply center in the Netherlands. He will demonstrate its ease of use and functionality using several application examples. Look out for how Malvern Panalytical adds value to industrial applications with this cutting edge technology. For instance how superior data quality can be reached in very short measurement times on the Aeris, in combination with fully automated Rietveld full pattern fitting and Partial least square regression analysis (PLSR) on our software. This allows the Aeris to be operated in quality and process control environments.

This demo at your desk webinar is brought to you by Dr Nicholas Norberg. Dr Martin Duriska, Technical Specialist for XRD, based in Sydney, Australia will be taking your questions during the question and answer segment. Not able to attend live? Go ahead and submit your question to apr.info@malvernpanalytical.com

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