Measuring particle size, particle shape and zeta potential is important in the electronics industry especially during the manufacture of raw materials for integrated circuits used in most electronic equipment such as computers, mobile phones and digital appliances. The presence of a single oversize particle can cause damage to a wafer or a failure in an LCD.

Throughout research and design and in the manufacture and quality control of electronic components Malvern Panalytical’s easy-to-use instrumentation, combined with its industry and applications knowledge, can help you characterize materials including:

  • CMP slurries used in polishing silicon and other wafers for photovoltaic cells production
  • Solder particles and screen print inks used in printed circuit boards
  • Silver, conductive carbon and pastes used for PCBs and a variety of displays (EL, LCD, LED)
  • Nanoparticles used for dye materials in colored liquid crystal display devices.