Fecha registrada: October 14 2020

In recent years, materials such as ZnO and GaN have become integral towards various thin film applications. For instance, solar energy conversion, piezoelectric nanogeneration (for wearable devices) as a photocatalyst and more. To optimise the performance of the material, whether its properties for storage, electrical conductivity etc, it is critical that researchers gain a deeper understanding of its structural characterisation by way of X-ray diffraction.

We invite you to gain a deeper understanding of thin film materials research during our free workshop. We have specially invited our esteemed application specialist who will be discussing the latest thin film applications as well as latest X-ray diffractometers on hand to support your research. Look forward to practical case studies to aid the interpretation of peak displacement, peak broadening or peak overlap with advanced methodologies RSM or reciprocal space mapping. See how Malvern Panalytical now brings this to the next level with URSM for ultra-fast reciprocal space mapping, where data can now be collected in as little as 30 seconds.

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