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Transforming ore processing with mining automation

Boost safety and productivity with real-time process control and laboratory automation

Declining grades of easily recoverable ore mean that mining operators have to deal with significantly more waste, presenting challenges for process efficiency. The resulting pressure on profit margins has led to a surge in interest in mining automation over the past decade. 

Malvern Panalytical will help you implement automation in your mining operations, through consistent real-time monitoring of ore streams and laboratory automation. The result is reduced operating costs and higher productivity – all without risking worker safety. 

Combining datasets in real-time

Acquiring detailed information on ore quality as it passes through the mine is an essential part of mining automation. Analytical sensors allow this to be done safely – and in remote environments, if needed. Combining these datasets allows the ore body to be modelled in real-time, creating a digital feedback loop about the whole mining operation. As a result, operators can react quickly to changing material streams at various phases of the production cycle, and so identify their impact on plant performance, mill throughput, and grade of the final product for shipping.

On-line ore monitoring and laboratory automation

At Malvern Panalytical, we’ll use our many years of experience to help you increase productivity in your mining operations, through implementing real-time ore monitoring and automating laboratory testing. 

A dedicated team for mining process automation will work with you to develop the best approach for: 

  • Ore sampling Sample conditioning and preparation 
  • Monitoring ore properties 
  • Reporting results 
  • Developing predictive models

Throughout, we’ll ensure that the solution we offer is precisely tailored to your requirements, and that reliability and the need for backup systems are carefully considered – whether the final installation is in a laboratory, a container for remote monitoring, or directly in the processing plant.

Significant savings with our trusted solutions:

Epsilon Xflow

Real-time monitoring of liquors and liquids during concentration and refining
Epsilon Xflow