Zeta Potential Quality Report for the Zetasizer Nano

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00:00:00 Zeta Potential Quality Report for the Zetasizer Nano
00:01:04 Zeta Potential Quality Report for the Zetasizer Nano
00:01:17 Contents
00:01:57 Data Interpretation
00:02:06 Data Interpretation
00:02:50 Data Interpretation
00:05:23 Zeta Potential Quality Report
00:06:39 Zeta Quality Report
00:07:26 Zeta Quality Report
00:13:40 Phase Plots
00:15:29 Phase Plot: Good Quality General Purpose
00:17:00 Phase Plots: Poor Quality General Purpose
00:17:45 Phase Plot: Good Quality Monomodal
00:18:22 Phase Plot: Poor Quality Monomodal
00:19:03 Zeta Quality Report
00:20:01 Frequency Plots
00:20:35 Frequency Plots: Good Data
00:21:04 Frequency Plots: Poor Data
00:22:03 Frequency Plot: Monomodal
00:22:26 Zeta Quality Report
00:24:22 Zeta Potential Distribution Limits
00:25:09 Zeta Potential Distribution Limits
00:26:20 Zeta Potential Distribution Limits
00:27:01 Zeta Potential Distribution Limits
00:27:21 Zeta Quality Report
00:29:05 Zeta Quality Report
00:31:47 Zeta Quality Report
00:34:22 Attenuator Position 11
00:36:03 Conclusions
00:37:02 More information
00:37:31 Contact information
The Zetasizer Nano software includes a quality report of the data from zeta potential measurements to help with data interpretation. The presentation uses examples of warning messages and suggestions of how to improve the data