New views in nanoparticle characterization: What Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis adds to the characterization toolbox

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00:00:00 Nanoparticle tracking analysis (NTA)
00:02:58 Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) – A New View of Nanoparticle Characterization
00:03:59 Agenda
00:05:04 NanoSight history
00:07:42 NTA - Direct Visualization of Nanoparticles
00:09:06 Polydisperse TiO2 in water
00:10:10 Optical Arrangement for NanoSight Instruments
00:12:38 Principle of Measurement
00:13:14 NTA Sizing… is an Absolute Method
00:14:58 Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis
00:16:28 Particle Sizing in action - Software Analysis
00:17:09 Software process 23
00:18:08 NTA detection limits
00:21:16 Dynamic Light Scattering
00:21:27 Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)
00:22:20 Principles of DLS
00:23:57 Limitations of DLS (where NTA can help)
00:25:45 Comparison between DLS and NTA
00:25:49 NTA vs. DLS – Monodisperse Result
00:26:27 Polystyrene Latex Results with Three Techniques
00:27:06 NTA vs. DLS – Bimodal Sample
00:28:05 100+200
00:28:35 NTA vs DLS - Bimodal Sample
00:29:42 PSL Mixtures
00:30:41 Spike...
00:31:43 Additional Capabilities of NTA
00:31:49 Particles are Counted and Concentration is Measured
00:34:22 Concentration Measurement Linearity
00:35:08 Size vs. Intensity vs. Number
00:36:56 Scattered Intensity - An Additional Variable
00:37:01 Separate Populations or Statistical Noise?
00:37:34 Resolving Mixtures of Different Particle Types
00:38:06 Fluorescent Mode Option
00:38:54 Detection of Fluorescent Particles in Mixtures
00:39:29 Analysis of 100 nm Fluorescent Particles in FBS
00:40:19 FBS no filter
00:40:38 FBS. 100nm fluro. green laser. 60 sec. With filter
00:41:14 NTA devices worldwide
00:41:35 Where would you want to add NTA information to DLS?
00:41:39 Polydisperse distributions
00:42:48 Tails of the distribution
00:43:51 When ‘a number’ won’t adequately describe your sample
00:44:40 To learn more about the NanoSight range:
00:56:39 Contact Information

The addition of the NanoSight range of nanoparticle characterization instruments adds another orthogonal technique to the suite of tools available to the particle scientist. Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) is a unique and patented technology that enables rapid and simultaneous multi-parameter analysis and characterization of many different types of nanoscale particles. With the ability to visualize individual particles in solution, then analyze for size and count/concentration, both under scatter and fluorescence mode, NanoSight systems are closely aligned with Malvern’s market-leading Zetasizer range, extending Malvern’s solutions for those working at the nanoscale. This webinar will serve as an introduction to the technique for Malvern’s Zetasizer users. The basics of the science will be covered, with numerous examples and comparison to existing Zetasizer capabilities and results. NanoSight’s unique technology has become accepted in laboratories around the world and is widely cited in research publications. With rapid advances in nanomaterials and the life sciences, in biopharmaceuticals especially, the demand for new technologies to answer continually evolving analytical challenges has never been greater. This is a very exciting time and by bringing together complementary, leading edge technologies, Malvern continues to focus on delivering the analytical tools which laboratories so urgently need.