Elemental determination of ferrochromium alloys by borate fusion for XRF analysis

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00:00:00 Elemental Determination of Ferrochromium Alloys by Borate Fusion for XRF Analysis
00:00:25 Mathieu BouchardExpertise Leader
00:01:24 This webinar presents
00:01:50 Outline of the presentation
00:02:20 A short word about FeCr
00:03:32 Useful definitions
00:06:16 Why should you use fusion and elemental analysis to analyse this type of samples?
00:10:22 Instrument used for sample preparation
00:11:14 Instrument used for XRF measurements
00:12:26 Chemicals used for sample preparation
00:14:10 Sample preparation method
00:15:44 Calibration curves and preparation of control samples
00:16:36 Calibration
00:18:58 Calibration curve for Cr
00:19:33 Calibration curve for P
00:19:57 Calibration curve for Si
00:20:24 Results
00:23:21 Results
00:24:21 Instrument suitable for FeCr applications
00:24:44 The FeCr fusion package
00:25:53 To conclude
00:26:42 Acknowledgements
00:27:05 Q&A
00:31:48 Contact information

This webinar shows a robust fusion method to prepare ferrochromium (FeCr) samples by borate fusion. It also shows a precise XRF method to determine Cr as major element as well as other low concentration elements required in international standard norms.


Mathieu Bouchard - Expertise Leader - Malvern Panalytical
Mathieu obtained his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Université Laval in 2001. He completed his master’s degree in analytical chemistry in 2004. His master’s thesis was about the analysis of alpha emitters in effluents of nuclear power plants. Mr. Bouchard has been working for Claisse since 2007. He is chairman of the Canadian subcommittee of ISO/TC 102/SC 2 for
iron ores analysis since 2016.


- Who should attend?
Process control managers, lab managers and buyers of FeCr, or analysts in FeCr production plants, service laboratory personnel which analyze FeCr.
- Why attend?
Discover the benefits of the method now available on the market that improves their productivity and ensures the quality of processes.
- What will you learn?
How to prepare FeCr samples using borate fusion in order to have optimal XRF results and determine major/low concentration elements in the alloy.