The stability of colloids in a formulation is important for the quality of a product. Processes such as aggregation can lead to final products which are not optimum for use, such as paint, with visible lumps, or inks which do not re-suspend fully and therefore could potentially block inkjet nozzles.

With more complex products, multiple materials are combined from various sources, and the conditions under which they are transported and stored in can vary. Consequently, when combining these component parts, the pH and ionic strength of the formulation can vary. To avoid catastrophic product failure, such as the scenarios mentioned above, it is important to gain an understanding of the components of the system and how they behave across varying pH and ionic strengths to ensure that they remain stable across any chemical changes they may be subjected to during production.

This application note discusses the use of the multipurpose titrator MPT-3 in studying the effect of salt concentration on stable pH ranges. The MPT-3 is an accessory available for the Zetasizer Advance product range.




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