Ultimate versatility and data clarity in 1D detection

The 1Der is the latest edition to a portfolio of leading solid-state detectors for X-ray diffraction (XRD) applications. Together with an unrivaled suite of optical configurations, the 1Der integrates seamlessly into the XRD platforms to combine ease of use with ultimate flexibility and data clarity for all 0D and 1D applications.

The 1Der is compatible with all X-ray sources that are used on the Empyrean and Aeris.

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The widest range of X-ray source compatibility

The 1Der detector offers automatic control of energy window for ease of use in changing and optimizing detector settings to obtain fluorescence-free, super sharp data for any X-ray energy, namely Ag, Mo, Cu, Co, Fe, Mn, Cr.

  • Phase identification and high throughput screening
  • Standardless quantification of mixtures of phases
  • Refinement of crystal structures
  • Phase transitions at non-ambient conditions in combination with our in-situ stages
  • Residual stress, texture and phase identification of metals and alloys
  • Operando measurements on working batteries and electrochemical cells
  • High energy transmission and reflection measurements such as total scattering for pair distribution function (PDF) analysis
  • Powder diffraction from large unit cell crystals
  • Thin film studies


Technical specifications: 1Der
Window size9 mm x 15 mm
Efficiency Cu Kα> 94%
Efficiency Mo Kα38%
99% Linearity range0 – 1.7 106 cps – Overall
Energy resolution around Cu Kα<5% (typical performance ~340 eV)
Maximum count rate38.4 106 cps - Overall
Maximum background<0.4 cps - Overall
Strip size70 µm
Total number of strips127
Active length9 mm
Smallest step size0.0021º 2θ at 240 mm goniometer radius
Supported wavelengthsAg, Mo, Cu, Co, Fe, Mn, Cr
K-alpha to k-Beta switchYes