The first detector to bring 0D-1D-2D and 3D data to your diffractometer

The PIXcel3D is a unique 2D solid-state hybrid pixel X-ray detector. Each pixel is 55 microns x 55 microns and the detector array is 256 x 256 pixels. The detector, now based on Medipix3 technology, brings unrivalled signal to noise with its point spread function of one pixel and multiple energy discrimination levels.

Medipix3 technology brings:

  • An increase in range of detection energies from Cr to Cu
  • Improved energy resolution
  • Increased linearity range
  • Improved detection efficiency
  • Documented (published) radiation hardness studies.


TypePIXcel3D Detector with Medipix3
Window size14 mm x 14 mm
Efficiency Cu Kα>95 %
99% Linearity range0 – 6.5 x 109 cps – Overall
0 - 25 x 106 cps - Column
Energy resolution around Cu Kα18%
Maximum count rate30 x 109 cps – Overall
120 x 106 cps - Column
Maximum background<0.5 cps - Overall
Active length14 mm
Smallest step size0.0016º 2θθ at 240 mm goniometer radius
Supported wavelengthsCu, Co, Fe, Mn, Cr
Point Spread Function (PSF)1 pixel (FWHM)
Defective pixels< 1%