HTK 1200N – oven heater

Versatile high-temperature oven chamber

Anton Paar HTK 1200N is designed for powder X-ray diffraction in reflection and transmission geometries with environmental heating of the sample up to 1200 ºC in air, inert atmosphere or vacuum. Thanks to the heater geometry there is virtually no restriction on sample thickness, therefore, along with organic or inorganic powders, high-temperature behavior of bulk samples can also be studied with this chamber. The thermocouple is placed right underneath the sample for accurate temperature measurement and control. Optional oscillation of the sample table helps to improve particle statistics for powder XRD in reflection geometry. An optional capillary spinner attachment enables measurements in transmission geometry for highly air-sensitive materials or samples with a strong tendency to preferred orientations. Sample preparation and sample exchange is very easy and straightforward.

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From conventional XRD to basic SAXS and reflectivity measurements

Thanks to the design of HTK 1200N the range of possible applications is broad, from the conventional in situ X-ray diffraction on powder and bulk samples to basic thin film analysis and residual stress measurements. Furthermore, basic small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) and total X-ray scattering for pair distribution function analysis (PDF) can also be done with this chamber.