Dilute Solution Viscometry (DSV)

Automated measurement of Dilute Solution Viscosity.

Dilute Solution Viscometry (DSV) directly measures the relative viscosity of dilute polymer solutions.

Using a differential two capillary design, the Viscotek DSV directly measures the relative viscosity of polymer solutions in a few minutes.

When a sample solution is loaded, it flows into one capillary while pure solvent remains flowing through the other capillary. The difference in pressure drop between the two capillaries is measured and used to calculate the relative viscosity of the two solutions. Intrinsic viscosity can be calculated directly from the relative viscosity.

The instrument is self-cleaning and self-calibrating to ensure maximum robustness in demanding QC applications.

The parameters measured include:

  • Relative, inherent, reduced, and specific viscosities,
  • Intrinsic viscosity calculated using Soloman-Gatesman, Billmeye, Huggins, Kramer, and Baker-Philipoff models,
  • Molecular weight,
  • Huggins/Kramer plots and coefficients.