Sample preparation

Prepare your materials in the best way


Paramount for each reliable, representative and accurate analysis is sample taking, sample reduction and sample preparation. To deliver the most accurate and reliable measurement results close attention should be paid to this vital part of the analytical process:

  • To get the material in the correct form to fit into the instrument
  • To minimize effects such as: particle size effect, mineralogical effect, surface roughness, texture, et cetera.

Turnkey solutions, fully detailed in Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), comprise our knowledge and experience over the full analytical chain from sample taking to data treatment. Our consultancy in this field helps you to optimize sample preparation for metal analysis, mining, geology, oils, catalysts, and chemicals, which results in accurate, reproducible and uniform analyses. As said, this leads to more accurate analyses, and therefore better product specifications, less customer complaints and better raw material usage.

X-ray analysis offers significant sample preparation advantages over other techniques:

  • Requires almost no chemical preparation
  • Involves straightforward, easy-to-learn procedures
  • Accommodates a wide range of sample types (liquids, powders and solids)

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