Interpretation of the viscoelastic spectrum - Part 1

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00:00:00 Interpretation of the viscoelastic spectrum – A three part series. PART 1
00:03:35 Viscoelastic Spectrum, Part 1
00:04:03 Dynamic Viscoelastric Spectrum
00:05:30 Relaxation Spectrum
00:05:49 Continuous functions of amorphous structures
00:06:45 Definition of terms
00:07:28 Stochastic Geometry
00:08:04 Random Coil Model of Polymer Chains
00:08:56 Diamond and graphite crystal structures
00:09:55 Primacy of short range order
00:10:16 Free volume of fluids
00:11:06 Chain dynamics, reptation model, equilibrium state
00:11:48 Solid-solid transitions below Tg
00:12:12 Secondary Transition types of motions
00:12:39 Secondary Transitions from Side Groups
00:13:12 Rotation of Methyl Methacrylate Side Group
00:13:32 Temperature Dependence of Tan delta PMMA Solid State Transitions
00:13:51 Temperature-Frequency dependence of G' and G"
00:14:56 Temperature-Frequency dependence of secondary and glass transition
00:15:17 C13 NMR Spin-Lattice relaxation
00:16:11 Temperature Dependence of Tan Delta of Methylacrylate Polymers
00:17:10 Temperature Dependence of NMR spin-lattice relaxations of polymethyl-acrylates
00:18:13 Transition map of PMMA
00:18:38 Activation enthalpies of PMMA transitions
00:19:00 Diffusion measurements
00:19:55 Yield stress equation
00:20:30 Oritical and experimental comparisons
00:21:04 Semicrystalline Polymers
00:22:07 Polyolefins
00:22:41 Comparison Between Amorphous and Crystalline Polymers
00:23:26 Comparison of LDPE, PP, & PB-1
00:24:06 Crystalline Transitions, alpha’c
00:24:42 Two-site Folding Chain Model and Energy Barrier
00:25:20 Temperature Dependence of storage and loss moduli of HDPE samples
00:26:09 Low temperature damping curves of HDPE
00:26:24 Dart impact strength of HDPE samples
00:26:51 Dependence of Impact Strength on Tan Delta
00:27:39 Trouser Tear of Plastic Film
00:28:07 Ethylene-Hexene Copolymer
00:28:26 Temperature dependence of DMA storage moduli of LLDPE samples
00:28:44 Temperature Dependence of DMA tandelta of LLDPE
00:29:02 Comparison to tear strength of LLDPE films and oxygen diffusion
00:29:45 Effect of density on the GTR and tear strength of Octane1 LLDPE
00:30:30 Morphology of linear low density polyethelene
00:30:52 orientation of stretched LLDPE
00:31:51 Polybutene-1 Fibers' morphology
00:32:26 Crystal and amorphous orientation vs draw ratio of fibers
00:33:36 High tenacity and elastic hard polybutene-1 fiber
00:34:00 Comparison of tensile properties of unoriented and oriented polybutene-1
00:34:46 Increase in void volume of LDPE by stretching
00:35:13 DMA of oriented and unoriented polybutene-1 fibers
00:35:38 DMA of oriented and unoriented polybutene-1 fibers
00:36:11 Viscoelastic Spectrum, Part 2
00:36:27 Contact details

This first seminar will discuss the universal viscoelastic spectrum. The spectrum can be divided into three regions. In general, the significance of these regions gives valuable information in terms of the size of a flow unit, molecular interactions, and identifies small molecular segments within the flow units.