How to validate HITs faster using GCI technology: binding kinetics in hours instead of days

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Kinetics expert, Dr. Thomas Schubert will present how using the model system P38 to demonstrate a screening application of waveRAPID, using a library of kinase inhibitors. With waveRAPID, 2bind is now able to efficiently screen 1000s of molecules for binding kinetics and affinity.

Dr. Thomas Schubert, CEO from 2bind, is presenting data on how they use the WAVEsystem, a Creoptix technology, and recently launched waveRAPID method for their customer projects. During the virtual expert talk the following topics will be covered: 

  • The use of Grating-coupled Interferometry technology (GCI) at 2bind
  • Explanation of Multicycle Kinetics (MCK) versus waveRAPID® method 
  • Showcase of waveRAPID screening using the model system p38
  • Summary of the p38 screening results including recommendations

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