We are proud to partner with you in your quest to be carbon neutral. While renewable energy sources like solar and wind are increasingly replacing the fossil fuels, batteries have emerged as a viable energy storage option for the power grid applications in the future. Batteries, supercapacitors and fuel cells are also electrifying the transportation means of today by replacing the air polluting combustion fuels. However, both the renewable energy as well as the energy storage devices are far from technological saturation with new and efficient materials being discovered and scaled up at fast pace. Another important aspect is the circular value chain with efficient recycling of used and waste products. 

At Malvern Panalytical we offer a wide range of physical, chemical and structural analytical solutions that resolve some key questions related to energy materials production and research, like: 

  • How my device performance is linked to the particle shape and size distribution?
  • How to simplify  chemical composition and impurities analysis for materials production and waste recycling?
  • How crystal structure changes can predict stress fatigue and failure during usage?
  • How to formulate a slurry with stable and uniform particle distribution?

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