Buying systems or system upgrades, consumables, and services

Using a fully working system is undoubtedly the best part of scientific research. Administrative tasks such as buying an instrument, arranging upgrades, buying consumables, and organizing services can be significantly less interesting. Depending on how your instrument system purchase or ongoing support is funded, you may need to follow different routes to buy systems, system upgrades, consumables, or services. Perhaps you have a large funding infrastructure that needs to carry your work through the next decade. Or maybe you’re working with old instrumentation that’s still proving useful in the lab but doesn’t attract much interest in replacement in grant proposals.

At Malvern Panalytical, we understand the processes and timescales by which universities procure analytical equipment. We recognize your goal of increased scientific knowledge – and we aim to help you make the best choices to support this. Whatever your position, we’ll try to find a buying process that suits your research requirements, and we’ll support you in streamlining your buying and ownership administrative tasks. Let us help you with these tasks – so that you’re free to search for new knowledge.

Buying a system

Each university research project has unique analytical requirements. Our analytical systems are designed to provide versatility, so instruments can be bought for a single use or to cover several research projects. There are many options when purchasing, from the way samples are prepared and handled to the measurements and optical components required for different measurements. It’s important to establish your initial requirements to ensure you end up with the best-value total system. So, whatever you’re aiming for, contact us as early as possible!  

Our web pages give a useful overview of our products and their applications, but make sure you also discuss your requirements with one of our sales colleagues.

Our sales team can:

  • Provide you with more in-depth information
  • Arrange virtual or face-to-face demonstrations or measurements on your samples
  • Provide quotations with options for sample preparation, alternative capabilities, or even bespoke automation.

Our account managers work with our scientific experts to find the ideal solution for your specific needs. With a real discussion about your research goals, our experts can guide you on the best ways to achieve them. Our scientists talk to many potential customers around the world – so they have a strong overview of what’s happening and what can be done at the forefront of knowledge

We also provide information about the services you may require to run your experiments, such as power, cooling water, compressed air, and vacuum. Especially for our larger floor-standing instruments, our customer support team can arrange site surveys and pre-installation system planning advice so you can easily visualize and plan for your new system.

Our products and analytical services are of the highest quality and meet standard regulatory requirements such as CE compliance and ISO certification. Many of our instruments are built to order and take several weeks from order until delivery, so it’s never too soon to plan. Don’t be afraid to ask for more information at any time!

Contact us!

System upgrades

Already have a system, but have seen new capabilities in a webinar or presentation? Ask our sales team about system upgrades!

New components can often be retrofitted onto existing systems. If there are small software upgrades available online that you can install automatically, your software will inform you.

For older systems, or if you’ve recently taken over ownership of an existing system, please ask for a specialist to provide a system health check for you. They can advise on any new hardware or software upgrades that could take your research further and faster.

Discussing your options with your local sales team and product technical specialists is free – so don’t hesitate to reach out today!


All analytical instruments use consumables. These may be integral to the running of the instrument – such as lamps, chemicals, and cleaners – or they may be part of the sample preparation process – such as sample holders, dispensers, and handling equipment.

When possible, we will provide these in our online e-store. Alternatively, your local account managers will be happy to help you find and order the consumables for your analytical instrument.

Contact sales and ask for the spares and accessories brochure!

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Warranty and service

Your problem is our problem. At Malvern Panalytical, our local technical specialists are here to help with software and hardware inquiries, while our local customer support teams can visit you to carry out preventative maintenance, repairs, or relocation of instruments.

We understand that university groups don’t always have the finances for comprehensive service support packages. We recommend at least a preventative maintenance contract. Not only does this ensure the system is working to specification, but it’s also an opportunity to check for software updates and ask questions about system maintenance and care. An extended warranty on a system is often agreed upon first purchase of a new system. Always keep those documents handy! Watch out for different types of warranty: some analytical instrument warranties only cover parts, whereas others, based on service agreements, can also cover callout and labor costs.

Our systems usually have service guarantee periods of about seven years. This is the period over which we guarantee the availability of suitable spare parts and consumables for that model. It’s common for instrument owners in universities to keep instruments running beyond the seven-year limit. We can often still find replacement parts for these instruments – but there will come a time when something is not available, and it’s best to plan for that moment. Our account managers are happy to provide updated budgetary quotes and information that can help you plan for ongoing replacements.

Whatever the age of your system or the level of your support package, we’ll always try to keep your systems in good working order to support your research efforts. Most of our instruments have remote access capability – it can be particularly cost-effective for our customer support engineers to access your instrument via the internet for remote diagnostics. They can then advise you without the expense of a callout fee – so don’t forget to ask our customer support team about this!

Contact Customer Support!

When you purchase a system from us, we try to find the best match for your requirements to achieve maximum value for money. With the right care, we expect our systems to work for you for many years and to contribute effectively to your research efforts. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the user guides provided with your instrument, but also don’t hesitate to ask for help!