Upstream analysis solutions for the oil industry

Maximum uptime, minimal environmental impact

In upstream oil processes, there is a strong drive to reduce chemical usage and move toward automated solutions to enable safer, more sustainable, more efficient processes. But, while working toward these goals, producers still need to prevent unplanned stops and optimize production.

To meet these requirements, it’s essential to optimize production parameters to your specific petrology, and understand any scaling that occurs during production, while monitoring sulfur and seawater content.

The chemical and mineralogical insights delivered by our industry-leading materials analysis solutions can help steer your processes to enable maximum uptime and minimum environmental impact. And, by offering quality control, compliance standards, and training, we also help you ensure that your final products meet the latest safety and sustainability requirements.

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In exploration, it’s important to adapt the drilling method to the petrology involved. At Malvern Panalytical, we work with various industry leaders to develop solutions to cope with changing petrology. 

Including X-ray diffractometers to analyze drill cuttings and particle sizing solutions to optimize drill-mud consistency, the insights provided by these solutions enable producers to optimize their well developments accordingly.

Solutions for exploration

Epsilon 1

Portable elemental analysis for exploration in the field
Epsilon 1

Insitec range

Robust, reliable, real-time in-line particle sizing of drilling muds
Insitec range


During production both offshore and onshore facilities are vulnerable to scaling from the (sea)water injections. Therefore the need to carry out regular descaling is required to ensure continued production. 

This requires an understanding of the mineralogy of scaling itself, and process water compositions such as ion-concentrations of barium and calcium and mineralogy. By measuring these parameters, our analyzers help manufacturers minimize scaling-related downtime.

Solutions for production

Epsilon 1

Dedicated on-asset analysis for production waters and scales
Epsilon 1

Insitec range

Robust, reliable, real-time in-line particle sizing for drill-mud and produced water
Insitec range

Crude analysis

We understand your market value of crude oil, is largely determined by the sulfur concentration and API gravity. With our elemental analysis solutions sulfur can be measured easily, directly on offshore and onshore assets. 

Our unique software corrects for API gravity, offering increased accuracy for sulfur content. This enables you, as producers, to comply with increasingly stringent governmental regulations to help reduce your environmental impact. 

Solutions for crude analysis